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Contact me via email to let me know what you want to sell.  Send photos of your items and take shots from various angles.  Be sure to identify any wear and tear that could affect the selling price.  Include how much you want to sell it for, and if you know, how much you paid for it.  No items will be sold until we agree on the selling price.


You will get 60% of the sale and Eisenberg’s Fly Fix will get 40% of the sale.


You are responsible for the cost of shipping it to me. You are also responsible for the cost of return shipping if want me to return the item to you.   


I can pick up items from you directly if you are in Chittenden County, VT.  We can also arrange to meet up if it’s more practical.  


Pick up outside of Chittenden County can be arranged, but a mileage fee may apply….tbd

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