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Jamie Eisenberg


Jamie Eisenberg is an avid fly angler, fly tier, and custom fly rod designer and builder. 


Now “semi-retired” from the foodservice industry, where she worked as an executive chef and culinary arts teacher, she finds teaching the skills necessary to be successful in fly fishing are not that different from being successful in the kitchen.


She takes a “hands-on” approach: demonstrate, have the student try it, refine the technique, and then, practice, practice, practice. 


Jamie will cast a line anywhere there is a potential to find a fish, but freestone streams take up the bulk of her time on the water.   Brook, brown, and rainbow trout are her target species, yet salmon and steelhead are to her the “Holy Grail”.  


After decades of “traditional” fly fishing and casting Jamie has focused on the tight-line nymphing technique.   For whatever reason (perhaps the 50% “more fish in the net is the reason”) she finds this tactic to be her “go-to” whenever the river conditions are a good fit.

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